frequently asked questions

Proposals will be gathered through calls for submissions and the active identification of scientists across the country.

We cannot guarantee that we will evaluate proposals sent in outside the submission window.

We operate on funds from an endowment of an initial donation of R$350 million.

The donation is irrevocable, ensuring the perpetuity of the institution.

The total sum will be determined by the net yield from the endowment’s investments (once inflation and taxes are accounted for).

For the first full year of operations (2018), that sum is estimated at R$15 million.

Other financing sources – injections into the endowment or the annual budget – may be incorporated in the future, as the institute matures.

Moreover, the founders may provide the endowment with further funding.

As a private institution, we can provide researchers with greater flexibility in terms of resource allocation.

This also gives us greater freedom to support the sort of risky research proposals that may not always fit the guidelines of other funding agencies.

Serrapilheira’s policy is to make public all internal budget and resource allocation data, from the sums donated to each project to the resources that go towards our operational costs.

We require that all data produced with the support of the institute must be published in publicly accessible media.

“Serrapilheira” is the layer formed by organic matter in various stages of decomposition that covers the forest floor. It is the main path by which nutrients return to the soil, and is an essential element of forest fertility.