Selvagem – ciclo de estudos sobre a vida


Selvagem - Ciclo de Estudos Sobre a Vida
Science outreach / Art

The Selvagem – ciclo de estudos sobre a vida (Wildlife – studies cycle about life) is an experience of connecting knowledge from indigenous, academic, scientific, traditional, and other species’ perspectives. It was conceived by Anna Dantes in 2018 and guided by Ailton Krenak. It is produced by Madeleine Deschamps and carried out by a collective that involves the community, scientists, representatives of indigenous peoples, artists, supporters, participants and the public.

The studies – notebooks, conversations, reading cycles, in-person events, workshops and audiovisuals – are free on the Selvagem website and YouTube channel.

The books in Selvagem colletion (Dantes Editions) deepen and strengthen studies, including “Invisible Beings”, based on the extensive research of biologist Lynn Margulis and her son Dorion Sagan.

Recursos investidos

Grant 2018: R$20.000,00
Grant 2019: R$20.000,00
Grant 2021: R$ 30.000,00