The Science Support Program

The objective behind the program is to identify and support young scientist research excellence in Brazil and to contribute to building a conducive environment to scientific research. The projects – in the areas of natural sciences, computer science and mathematics – must tackle essential issues, be creative, audacious and innovative. Applications geared solely towards answering utility questions only related to applied sciences without any impact on the production of knowledge are not part of the scope of the program.

Annual Calls

Every year Serrapilheira will finance up to twelve young scientists, providing funds between 200 thousand reais and 700 thousand reais, for a three-year period, with a large degree of flexibility in the use of the resources. Funding may be extended for an indefinite period of time. The selection process is followed up by external partners (for further details, please click on Serrapilheira selection process).

During the execution of the project, selected young scientists will have access to additional fund bonus specifically granted to cover integration and training of individuals from underrepresented groups in research teams. Participation in the bonus grant is voluntary. Inclusion actions aim at fostering increased diversity in Brazilian science.

Beyond simply offering resources, the program offers training, workshops, and events to connect researchers, such as the annual Serrapilheira Scientific Retreats. The goal is to enhance grantees’ training and advance their career development, as well as to create spaces for interdisciplinary cooperation and encourage initiatives supporting diversity in science, science outreach, and open science.

For details on the researchers receiving support, click on this link (in Portuguese).

Science Outreach Program

The objective of the Science Outreach Program is to map out and support science projects in Brazil, as well as proposing spaces for training and articulation between individuals and organizations dedicated to science outreach in Brazil, seeking to contribute to building a culture of science throughout the country.

In 2018 and 2019, Camp Serrapilheira constituted the main initiative of the Science Outreach Program. It was divided into two phases. In the first phase, selected applicants took part in an event where they made presentations, participated in workshops and built collaboration networks. In the second phase, they competed for the financial resources to carry out their projects geared towards promoting a culture of Science in Brazil under the guidance of Serrapilheira. Click here for further details on the 2019 and 2018 editions.

Since 2018, the year Science Outreach Program was launched, 46 science outreach projects have received support from the program. For details on these initiatives, please click on this link (in Portuguese).