Since its foundation, Serrapilheira established a partnership with major players in Brazilian science. Learn more:

Arthur Bernardes Foundation

Together with Arthur Bernardes Foundation (FUNARBE), in charge of disbursing our funding, we advocated for reducing bureaucracy in the sciences in favor of streamlining processes and enabling scientists to have more time and freedom for their research.

Folha de S.Paulo

In January 2020, we signed a partnership with Folha de São Paulo newspaper aimed at launching a blog where we invite scientists to reflect upon the fundamental questions of their fields of study. Through this project we intend to spotlight top young researchers and encourage them to hone their skills in communicating with diverse audiences.

Companhia das Letras

In 2019, a partnership established between Serrapilheira and Companhia das Letras, a publishing company, launched in Brazil the Portuguese version of “Ignorance: How It Drives Science”. The book was written by neuroscientist Stuart Firestein. He argues that pursuing research based on what we don’t know is more valuable than building on what we do know.

CAPES Thesis Award

Considering the importance of gestures that acknowledge the work of young researchers committed to excellence, Serrapilheira participated in the 2019 and 2020 CAPES Thesis Award. We funded two of the event’s three main prizes, given to the best PhD theses of the year.