Institutional Projects

Institutional Projects

In addition to the projects supported by the Science and Journalism and Media programs, Serrapilheira has been developing actions to promote scientific culture in different formats since 2018.


Meghie Rodrigues_Emanuelle Brito

Fundamental Science Blog

On the Serrapilheira blog at Folha de S.Paulo, young scientists write about issues in their research areas in a relaxed tone.


turma camp serrapilheira 2023

Serrapilheira Camp and Podcast Training

The initiative of the Journalism and Media Program combines a public call and an event with trainings offered to those selected.


Philosopher Sueli Carneiro, founder of Geledés, between Serrapilheira Executive Director, Hugo Aguilaniu, and Science Director, Cristina Caldas, during one of the Serrapilheira Scientific Retreats. Photo: Bela Baderna

Serrapilheira Retreats

Training, workshops and integration events for the scientists and communicators supported by the programs.

Social Media


Chora, Negacionista

“Chora, negacionista” (Cry, negationist), a remote and free training aimed at influencers to empower them to produce reliable content.

Social Media


Zé Gotinha (Droplet Joe) for President

In 2022, we “launched” the presidential candidacy of Zé Gotinha (Droplet Joe), the iconic vaccination advocate.



Advocacy for Science

A series of interviews with national policy and science actors to identify the main challenges for science policy support.



Press Occupation: #ScienceInElections

Newspapers and bloggers provided space for scientists and opinion leaders to reflect on the role of science in Brazil’s reconstruction.

Social Media

Campaign #CientistaTrabalhando

Scientists and popularizers activated the hashtag “#CientistaTrabalhando” (#WorkingScientist) showing the behind-the-scenes of the scientific process.


Luna Lomonaco3

Video Series

“Serrapilheira Challenge”, “Fundamental Questions”, and “Ways of Seeing” explores a variety of research, approaches, and questions in science.

Social Media


My science in one tweet

“#MinhaCiênciaEmUmTweet” (#MyScienceInOneTweet) invited Brazilian scientists to the challenge of explaining their research in a tweet.