Fundamental Science Blog

Launched in January 2020, the Serrapilheira blog on Folha de S.Paulo, named  “Ciência Fundamental” (Fundamental Science), has established itself as a platform for visibility for Brazil’s young scientists, the blog’s main contributors. Supported by Serrapilheira’s communication team throughout the entire process, from defining themes to editing, they hone their writing skills for an educated but non-specialist adult audience. In fundamental Science, young researchers discuss topics from their research fields in a relaxed tone. They also reflect on related issues, such as diversity in Science and the scientific process. Original illustrations accompany all posts, and some are also published in the print version of Folha de S.Paulo.

Example of Impact: The Book  “Incerteza quântica” (Quantum Uncertainty)

In 2022, physicist Rafael Chaves’s writings caught the attention of Companhia das Letras, who invited him to write a popular science book on quantum mechanics. “Quantum Uncertainty” was published in September by Zahar, a publisher part of Companhia das Letras.