Journalism and Media

Journalism and Media

The program supports professional journalism and media projects that take a curious, provocative, and investigative look at science, contribute to promoting reliable information about the area, and help combat scientific misinformation. The initiative includes newspapers, television, radio and the press in general, as well as digital media and entertainment platforms.

Recently, the program also began supporting projects that seek to gather relevant data to better understand the Brazilian science scenario, from inclusion policies to financing policies, supporting decision-makers.

Previously called the Science Outreach Program, in its first three years it mapped the field of Brazilian scientific dissemination and supported projects of different formats, objectives, audiences and scope. In 2021, the program began to focus on supporting professional media and journalism initiatives; in 2023, its name was changed to Journalism and Media Program.

Project selection occurs through public calls and active search, and proposals can be sent at any time of the year. When submitting a proposal, it is important to describe the project, the organization, and the operating strategy.

Calls are diverse: we have already had more open calls, some focused on podcasts, and others focused on journalistic projects that showed the relationship between science and other topics of public interest. Check all previous calls here.

Eight tips for preparing a good proposal

Do you want to know more about preparing a good journalism or media project that takes a curious, provocative or investigative look at science? Check out eight tips inspired by the creators of the 37 degrees podcast, Bia Guimarães and Sarah Azoubel.

Camp Serrapilheira

Camp Serrapilheira is a Journalism and Media Program initiative that combines a public call and an event with training offered to those selected.

See the history of editions here: 2018, 2019, 2020 (remote) and 2023.

Investment since 2018

R$ 12.756.978,73

Supported projects: 82
December 2022 numbers