Our values

Diversity in Science

We believe that great results originate from scientific practice based on risk and uncertainty and that such science is only possible when there is freedom of ideas and a variety of vantage points. To achieve that, it is critical to create a group of more diverse young researchers thinking science from different perspectives. This is why we stimulate ethnic, racial and gender diversity in science in Brazil.

In 2019, we launched a guide consolidating our policies of support to diversity in science. The guide seeks to inspire our grantees and other institutions to promote inclusion initiatives providing guidelines to those who intend to create more diverse research groups. Get to know our guide by clicking on “Guide to good practices for diversity in science”.

Open Science

We work on the assumption that science is a practice that should be under constant review. Therefore, access to science must be universal. Open data facilitates collaboration between researchers, either in terms of research or by sharing knowledge, reapplying results, data and methods. This constitutes a critical process for the progress of science and reliability of scientific results. Get to know our guide by clicking on “Guide to good practices in open and replicable science”.