Steve Biko Institute

Diversity in Science

Founded in 1992 by Lázaro Passos Cunha and a group of Black teachers and students, the Steve Biko Cultural Institute was the first pre-university course in Brazil aimed specifically at Black students. The institute was created with the goal of bringing Black people into the academic world as a strategy for their social advancement and to combat racial discrimination.


Science / Diversity in Science

The Oguntec Program, a partnership between the Steve Biko Cultural Institute, the Serrapilheira Institute, and the Ibirapitanga Institute, is a preparatory course that develops the technical content needed for academic entry into science and technology careers for Black students from the state of Bahia, Brazil. The program will offer 30 Junior Scientific Initiation scholarships in 2021 for a period of 24 months.

The program aims to promote the strengthening, development, and popularization of science, technology, and innovation among Bahia’s Black youth.

Amount invested

2021 Serrapilheira Grant: R$ 500,000.00
2021 Ibirapitanga Grant: R$ 500,000.00