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The Science program is focused on projects that address fundamental questions in the areas of natural sciences, computer science and mathematics

Life Science

How plants “borrowed” genes from fungi and bacteria

Evolution builds complexity from simplicity, new study finds

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In 2022 Serrapilheira celebrated five years. This report recalls the trajectory of the institute so far and the achievements of that year


“Politics pose the greatest challenge for conservation.”

Ecology expert Anne Magurran dedicates herself to bridging the gap between scientists and politicians.

Life Science

The Challenge of Using Models to Study Alzheimer’s Disease

UFRGS neuroscientist Eduardo Zimmer’s group employed systems biology to validate the effectiveness of current models in studying the disease and the results are promising.


Is Consciousness Just Math?

To pretend or to realize: The mathematical theories of our perception of the world.


We support research projects that contribute to fundamental knowledge in natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science. Get to know the supported scientists:

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Life Sciences

Amanda Cunha

Cunha studies how hydroid invertebrates interact with their living substrates in marine environments.

Micael Amore


Micael Amore

Using computational models, Amore studies the behavior of Amazonian rains.

Daniela Boanares

Life Sciences

Daniela Boanares

Boanares investigates the mysteries of rock fields and their extensive biodiversity.

Journalism and Media

The program supports initiatives that can contribute to enhancing the quality of public discourse on science through journalism and media. Get to know the projects:

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Podcast Caatingueira

The program delves into the traditions of folk medicine in the Caatinga, exploring the plants and sounds of the biome.

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Lobby na Comida

Investigative journalism looks into the impact of federal lobbying on food and public health.

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Olá, Ciência!

In a light-hearted and humorous way, the series seeks to answer: how can we rebuild Brazil using science?