Anna Venturini

Diversity in Science

Political scientist Anna Carolina Venturini holds a PhD in Social and Political Studies from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). Her research interests lie at the intersection of affirmative action and public policy, with a focus on race, gender, and institutional change. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning’s (CEBRAP) International Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Program (IPP).In 2017, she was a visiting researcher at Harvard University.

Venturini is a researcher at Afro-Cebrap (Center for Research and Training in Race, Gender and Racial Justice) and at the Center for the Analysis of Freedom and Authoritarianism (LAUT). She is also a member of the Multidisciplinary Study Group on Affirmative Action (GEMAA).


Graduate Affirmative Action Monitor
Science / Diversity in Science

The Graduate Affirmative Action Monitor (GAAM) aims to track and analyze notices from graduate programs and resolutions from public universities that implement affirmative action (AA) in their selections. The website, launched in 2022, contains a database of notices from all graduate programs with AA, resolutions from universities that have implemented this measure in graduate studies, as well as articles and other materials on the subject.

By 2023, the project aims to develop six new surveys on the subject:

  1. Preparation of a document containing guidelines on the main characteristics of affirmative action in graduate studies;
  2. An interactive map on the Monitor’s website to locate each state’s affirmative action programs;
  3. A survey to identify which areas of knowledge in the CAPES evaluation consider inclusion policies. The results of this survey can be used to help other areas of knowledge include this topic in future evaluations.
  4. A survey of federal court decisions that have challenged public university notices and/or resolutions on affirmative action. The results of this survey can help to provide legal certainty for programs and universities that are implementing these policies or are still in the discussion phase in their collegiate bodies.
  5. Monitoring the affirmative actions created in 2022 by public programs and universities, broadening the scope to include professional master’s degree courses, as well as preparing a research report and updating the website’s base of public notices and resolutions;
  6. Detailed survey of students entering federal universities through affirmative action.

Amount invested

2022 Serrapilheira Grant: R$ 229,785.00
2021 Serrapilheira Grant: R$ 16,161.00
2021 Ibirapitanga Grant: R$ 16,161.00
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  • diversity in science
  • meta-science
  • race and gender