Serrapilheira Camp and Podcast Training

Serrapilheira Camp is an initiative from the Journalism and Media Program that combines a public call and an event with training offered to selected participants. In recent years, the focus of Serrapilheira Camp has been on podcasts. In 2024 and 2023, training was delivered in a hybrid format by Lab 37, a communication company specializing in audio, to podcast producers. Lab 37 also created the podcast “37 Degrees,” one of the 14 projects supported by Serrapilheira in 2018 and one of six selected for the Google Podcasts creator program, which had over 10,000 entries worldwide.

In 2020, the training was conducted by PRX, a nonprofit media company specialized in narrative journalism produced in audio format. PRX partnered with hundreds of public radio stations and thousands of independent producers across the United States, and its portfolio includes award-winning programs like The World, This American Life, and 99% Invisible.

View the history of the 2018, 2019, 2020 (remote), and 2023 editions of the Serrapilheira Camp here.