Video Series

“Desafio Serrapilheira” (Serrapilheira Challenge)

In 2018, we challenged 65 young Brazilian scientists to present their research to three different audiences: a 10-year-old child, a college student, and a researcher in the same field. The objective? To show how young scientists think and what they are doing.


Perguntas Fundamentais” (Fundamental Questions)

What are the fundamental questions that drive scientists in their discovery processes? In 2019, the Serrapilheira Institute launched a video series to explore where these big questions come from and the role of intuition and creativity in research. We spoke with five young researchers: Bruno Mota (physics and neuroscience), Marina Hirota (mathematics and ecology), Tiago Jalowitski (geology), Rafael Chaves (quantum physics), and Rafael Silva (chemistry).


Modos de ver” (Ways of Seeing)

“Ways of Seeing” was a video series launched by Serrapilheira in 2021. We spoke with 12 scientists about their work, methods, and interfaces to show that different ways of conducting research construct what we know as Science. Geology and physics, mathematics and chemistry, biology and oceanography all intersect in concepts, hypotheses, and inquiries. Here, we dived into six different perspectives: landscape, time, evolution, community, representation, and limit.