Chora, negacionista

Health, sports, healthy living, nutrition, and fitness are topics that are growing in size and popularity on social media. Along with this trend, the spread of misinformation within these niches is also increasing. However, content creators are increasingly emerging as trusted interlocutors who can capture their audience’s attention and translate messages and narratives for them.

For this reason, the Serrapilheira Institute and the “Chora, Morozov” (Cry, Morozov) Initiative offered the course “Chora, negacionista” (Cry, negationist): a remote and free training aimed at influencers in these niches to empower them to produce reliable content based on Science without losing the power of engagement. The training involved 20 influencers of various profiles and levels of popularity, who also had the opportunity to network, interact directly with experts, and receive financial support to boost the content created during the training.