Imersão Amazônia | Projeto Sonora

Science outreach / Art

An immersion in the Amazon’s landscape, biology, ecology and zoology in the heart of Estação da Luz, in the centre of São Paulo. Or at school. Or at the museum. Imersão Amazônia is an immersive installation that allows visitors to discover species, sensations, problems and questions that inhabit the ecosystem of the largest tropical forest in the world. The initiative was created by Projeto Sonora, whose mission is to produce and present sound immersion experiences, in collaboration with INPA (National Institute for Amazonian Research) and IPAM (Amazonian Environmental Research Institute).

Amount invested

Grant 2018: R$ 100.000,00
  • Topics
  • Amazonia
  • Imaginary museum
  • Sensory
  • Sound immersion