What is the impact of anthropized areas in the Amazon region on the biodiversity of pathogenic fungi from the perspective of one health?

Science / Life Sciences

Deforestation and climate change have been linked to changes in the epidemiology of pathogenic fungi. Studies of the biodiversity of pathogenic fungi directed to a region suffering over time from the impacts of anthropization constitute a challenge in our country. Particularly in the Amazon, where there is a high occurrence of endemic mycoses, pointing to a distinct epidemiological aspect not described in other regions. Given this current scenario, to answer the question, the project will use molecular tools applied mainly to investigate microbiomes and identify the biodiversity of pathogenic fungi, also evaluating the potential of these fungi to cause outbreaks in humans and animals.

Amount invested

Grant Serrapilheira: R$ 100.000,00
Grant Faperj: R$ 700.000,00

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