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Under the leadership of Alvaro Ferraz Filho, the International Institute of Physics (IIF, in Portuguese) is a research institute dedicated to the frontier areas of theoretical physics. Its mission is to intensify the exchange of scientific knowledge with the international community, particularly with the Latin American community, and to serve as a unifying hub for strategic national areas of theoretical physics.


New Frontiers in Physics
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The International Institute of Physics (IIF) program aims to identify and develop the scientific talents of high school students majoring in physics. It does this by nurturing young people with current topics in the discipline through mini-courses in frontier physics and advising them on their academic careers and professional prospects.

The first phase of the project will be a remote event with introductory mini-courses. In the second phase, there will be face-to-face activities and tutoring at IIF for students selected from the first stage. After the end of the activities, an evaluation will be conducted, gathering feedback from the participants. The evaluation results will be used to plan the next editions of the event.

Amount invested

Grant 2022: R$ 11,000.00