Ana Carolina Luchiari

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Ana Carolina Luchiari, a biologist with a keen interest in fish and alcohol, holds a master’s in biological sciences from UNESP and a Ph.D. from the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. She furthered her studies with a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto, Canada, in 2014. Currently, Ana Luchiari is researching the behavior and physiology of a species of fish known as zebrafish. Her research focuses on the impact of drugs on these creatures. Given the significant genetic similarity between zebrafish and humans, Ana aims to investigate how the inherent characteristics of these fish influence their interaction with alcohol. This research is pivotal in enhancing treatments for drug addiction and gaining a deeper understanding of the hereditary mechanisms underlying addiction.


Fishes and Alcohol: Unveiling individual variations in consumption, consequences, and treatment
Science / Life Sciences

To understand why alcohol consumption impacts individuals differently and to assess the societal implications of widespread alcohol use, we will conduct a study on a small fish species that shares over 70% genetic homology with humans. Our objective is to identify individual traits that may predispose individuals to alcoholism and to determine the behavioral and physiological changes associated with the onset of the disease. Subsequently, we will explore whether these behavioral and functional alterations can be inherited: do the offspring of individuals exposed to alcohol exhibit similar behavioral responses and a potential genetic predisposition? Armed with this comprehensive dataset, we will evaluate the efficacy of currently available medications for alcohol dependence on each individual to propose more effective alternative treatments.

Amount invested

R$ 100,000.00

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