Marco Antonio Zanata Alves

Computer Science

Marco Antonio Zanata Alves is a computer scientist dedicated to revolutionizing the functionality of computer memory. He is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Federal University of Paraná. His academic credentials include a master’s and doctorate in computer science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. His current project is focused on developing smarter memory systems that, in addition to storage, are capable of performing certain calculations. Beyond his professional interests, Marco Antonio has a fondness for furniture. His hobby of carpentry is so ingrained in his life that he has used his skills to furnish both his home and office. In addition to his role as a teacher, Marco Antonio practices Zen Buddhism. He coordinates a meditation group for graduate students at the Federal University of Paraná.


Empowering Data-Intensive Computing with Efficient Smart Memories
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Traditionally, processors can store a limited amount of data despite their ability to perform a broad spectrum of logical and arithmetic operations. Conversely, memory can hold large volumes of data but cannot perform operations on it. As a result, substantial amounts of data must be transferred from the memory to the processor. For certain applications, this data transit can lead to inefficiencies in terms of energy and time. Our research is centered on the development of intelligent memories. These advanced systems are designed to not only store data but also perform logical and arithmetic operations. The ultimate goal is to enhance computing performance and reduce energy consumption.

Amount invested

1st phase: R$ 98,700.00
2nd phase: R$ 934,600.00 (R$ 700,000.00 + R$ 234,600.00 optional bonus for the integration and training of people from underrepresented groups in science)

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