Thiago Vallin Spina

Computer Science, Engineering

Computer scientist Thiago Spina completed his undergraduate and PhD studies in computer science at the State University of Campinas, where he also undertook a post-doctoral fellowship. He is currently involved in a significant study in collaboration with Sirius, the Brazilian synchrotron light source. His work revolves around developing mathematical models to process the data gathered from the particle accelerator. To alleviate stress, Thiago frequently spends time on the tennis court. He also enjoys unwinding by watching movies at home with his wife and their four cats.


Real-Time Analysis of Extensive 4D Micro/Nanotomography Images for Research in Soil Science and Petroleum Engineering at Sirius, Brazil’s New Synchrotron Light Source
Science / Engineering

Gaining insights into how fluids are stored and flow through the porous spaces of rocks and soil is crucial for enhancing sectors like the oil industry and agriculture, which together contribute to a third of Brazil’s GDP. Analyzing pores at the microscopic level allows us to comprehend the macroscopic properties of reservoirs and the interaction between chemicals, oil, and water.

Such analysis has only recently become feasible due to the development of devices like Sirius, the new Brazilian synchrotron light source. These devices can capture real-time images of pore spaces under natural conditions. However, processing 4D micro/nanotomography images of terabyte size in real-time requires powerful computational tools.

This project aims to develop advanced image segmentation and analysis techniques, as no existing research or commercial software can handle the volume of data generated in real-time.

Amount invested

R$ 111,623.15

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Science Call 1
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  • 4D images
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