Victor Sacek


Geophysicist Victor Sacek pursued his academic journey at the University of São Paulo, culminating in a post-doctorate. He holds a PhD in geophysics and employs numerical models to gain insights into geological evolution. Currently, he is a researcher and lecturer at USP’s Institute of Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences. A father to a son and daughter, Sacek spends his leisure time observing the sky through a telescope and capturing it with a camera. Astrophotography serves as a tranquil and inspiring hobby for him. In addition to playing the piano, he also nurtures a fascination for the world of orchids, a pastime he inherited from his grandfather, and devotes time to studying and cultivating these plants.


Paleogeographic Evolution of Amazonia: Unveiling the ancient landscape through numerical geodynamics
Science / Geosciences

Over the past few decades, various models have been put forth to explain the formation of the present-day Amazon river basin in tandem with the emergence of the Andean mountain range. However, barring a few exceptions, these models are predominantly qualitative, lacking a physical foundation to ascertain their feasibility, or overly simplified, thereby overlooking crucial processes in the model. This project is focused on conducting a quantitative analysis of the evolution of the Amazon River basin through intricate computer models. These models integrate aspects of climate, surface erosion, sedimentation processes, and the Earth’s internal dynamics. Geological and geophysical data will be utilized as a standard to ascertain whether numerical experiments can effectively mimic the evolution of the landscape and the sedimentary filling of both the interior and marginal basins. This research can potentially establish significant connections to the paleogeographic and paleoclimatic evolution and its implications on biodiversity in northern South America during the formation of the Andes mountain range.

Amount invested

R$ 98,008.00

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