37 Graus

Science outreach / Podcast

In the “37 Graus” (37 Degrees) podcast, biologist Sarah Azoubel and journalist Bia Guimarães reveal the science and stories behind Brazil’s landscapes, cultures and events, always with a human perspective. The topics are diverse and have already covered the invasion of boar–pig hybrid, the past and present of corn in Brazilian cuisine, the effects of climate on coral reefs, the Zika epidemic and even the use of dating apps. The episodes use storytelling and sound communication techniques, portraying stories and characters through scenes, settings, tracks and interviews. It was one of six projects selected in the Google Podcasts creator program, a call for proposals that received more than 10,000 entries worldwide. To support 37 Graus and other projects, Laboratório 37 was founded, a communications company focused on audio.

Amount invested

Grant 2018: R$ 100.000,00
Grant 2019: R$ 200.000,00
Grant 2022: R$ 230.000,00
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