A Ciência como ela é – A Saga de Carlota

Science outreach / Podcast

There is a lack of interest in girls’ interest in science, which leads many women to give up their academic careers. Working on this issue, the fiction podcast project of the UFRGS Institute of Physics, which also subscribes to the podcast Fronteiras da Ciência, aims to expand the quantity and profile of the public that consumes scientific dissemination content. The project “Science As It Is – Carlota’s Saga” uses a new format, mixing scientific information about gender diversity with fictional characters. Divided into ten brief episodes, the series narrates Carlota’s saga from childhood to becoming a feminist scientist. In this process, she encounters several characters, each representing a barrier to be faced. Although the story is fictional, discussions are entirely evidence-based.

Amount invested

Grant 2019: R$ 100.000,00
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