AmazonFACE: Unveiling the ecological impacts of elevated CO2 in the Amazon rainforest

Science / Life Sciences

The question of whether an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration could shield the Amazon rainforest from the harmful effects of climate change by enhancing forest productivity and drought resilience has been a topic of debate for over two decades. It remains uncertain whether elevated temperatures and drought conditions could trigger a catastrophic loss of the world’s largest rainforest. This project seeks to shed light on this mystery by examining how the atmospheric rise in CO2 impacts the resilience of the Amazon rainforest, the biodiversity it sustains, and the environmental services it offers. To achieve this, a team of scientists will carry out CO2 enrichment field experiments in a primary forest located in the central Amazon.

Amount invested

R$ 106,631.99
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  • Amazonia
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  • Rainforest resilience