Are Brazilian Reefs Ready for Global Change?

Science / Life Sciences

Global change poses a significant threat to reef environments, leading to increased temperatures and ocean acidification. However, the impacts on Brazilian reefs remain largely unexplored. Our goal is to bridge this knowledge gap by integrating information about the past, present, and future of reefs from multiple perspectives. Our approach includes: (i) identifying the baseline state of reef health using historical data; (ii) predicting the future of reefs through mathematical modeling; (iii) implementing scientific coral monitoring, which includes 3-D modeling and molecular biology; (iv) setting up a mesocosm system for laboratory simulations of global change; and (v) initiating citizen monitoring of reef environments through recreational diving and an interactive online platform. By merging advanced science with community participation, we aim to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the impacts of global change on Brazilian reefs, potentially spurring public action to mitigate these effects.

Amount invested

1st phase: R$ 100,000.00
2nd phase: R$ 999,800.00 (R$ 700,000.00 + R$ 299,800.00 optional bonus for the integration and training of people from underrepresented groups in science)
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