Can the ecology of knowledge about soil contribute to the advancement of soil science and global challenges?

Science / Life Sciences

Indigenous and traditional populations have accurate knowledge about their territories, and the field of ethnopedology studies this knowledge about the natural resource “soil”. The project aims to validate the production of knowledge originating from indigenous communities, contributing to more detailed soil mapping and enabling the construction of more sustainable and resilient agroecosystems in the face of the climate crisis. Furthermore, it strengthens the need to consider indigenous populations when making decisions about the management of their territories and the production of knowledge, therefore going against existing scientific colonialism.

Amount invested

Grant Serrapilheira 2023: R$ 100.000,00
Grant Faperj 2023: R$ 700.000,00

Open Calls

Chamada conjunta de apoio a pós-docs negros e indígenas em ecologia nº 1