Ciência na Amazônia

Science outreach / Digital Media, Youtube

How was the science carried out in the Amazon region affected by the Bolsonaro government? In the Amazônia Real agency project, scientists and researchers talk about how their research was affected during the four years of the previous government. During this period, these professionals faced forced silencing, denialism, attacks, and a lack of resources to advance their research, among other threats. In five documentaries, the characters also talk about their life trajectories, legacies and what they think about the future of science in the Amazon.

The project and script are directed by Kátia Brasil, research by Elaíze Farias, both founders of the agency, consultancy by Cristina Camargo, image production by filmmaker César Nogueira, direct sound by Naila Fernandes, colouring by Valentina Ricardo, mixing by Heverson Batista (Batata ), researches the collection of images and photographs Alberto César Araújo, social media Lívia Lemos and content production by Iris Brasil. The films will be published on the Amazônia Real website, on YouTube and in the agency’s partner media.

Watch the episodes:

Philip Martin Fearnside – The Nature Man

Ana Carla Bruno – Beyond resistance

Jesem Orellana – The epidemiologist who faced denialism

Patrícia Alves-Melo: Breaking the Silence

Amount invested

Grant 2022: R$ 50.000,00
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  • Amazonia
  • denialism