Compression of Light Fields: Facilitating immersive multimedia via augmented and mixed realities

Science / Computer Science

The evolution of human communication has consistently spurred the creation of new media forms, such as photography and video, in the quest for enhanced representation and realism. Today, the surge in computing power, easy access to digital media, and the growing demand for immersive experiences are propelling the advancement of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Light Fields technology, one of the most promising mediums for AR/MR, goes beyond traditional images that convey information about light intensity and frequency. It also provides data about the direction of light beams, offering a richer representation of the three-dimensional environment. This additional information enables transformations in lighting, focus, and geometry, facilitating AR/MR systems for a range of applications including entertainment, communication, telemedicine, security, and unmanned vehicles. However, the representation of Light Fields necessitates a substantial volume of data, underscoring the need for compression. This project aims to develop efficient compression algorithms and demonstrate the viability of processing Light Fields in real-time on mobile devices.

Amount invested

R$ 100,000.00
  • Topics
  • Augmented reality
  • Light Fields
  • Mixed reality