Deciphering the Neural Language of Natural Behavior: Unveiling the neural correlates of natural actions

Science / Life Sciences

A century ago, we started measuring the correlation between brain activity and behavior. This involved recording brain activity during simple behaviors, generating intuitions about the correlations, and then quantitatively verifying these intuitions. However, this approach limits us to studying phenomena that are sufficiently clear to us. I aim to leverage the revolution in artificial intelligence to explore the neural signals that best explain animal behavior freely. The project unfolds in four stages: i) gather extensive data from freely behaving rats, simultaneously recording depth video, vocalizations, respiration, accelerometry, and distributed brain activity; ii) develop algorithms to decipher the rat’s ethogram; iii) concurrently discover the ‘neurogram’, a dynamic map of brain states; iv) establish causal relationships between behavioral and neural states. Through this approach, we hope to broaden our understanding of how the brain contributes to our identity.

Amount invested

R$ 95,000.00
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