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Coral reefs are at risk. Threats such as ocean warming, pollution and overfishing lead researchers to monitor these organisms to develop conservation strategies. But ordinary citizens can also contribute to this control: this is what #DeOlhoNosCorais (#EyeOnTheCorals) advocates. Promoted by the UFRN Marine Ecology Laboratory, the project created a national network for monitoring this fauna through social networks, engaging the population to record and share photos and videos of Brazilian coastal corals and, thus, collaborate with the scientific data collection. The laboratory also implemented an interactive mini-museum in Rio Grande do Norte to expand the connection between society and marine sciences. Next steps include incorporating automatic coral identification tools into social media, integrating this data into an online platform, and incorporating new monitoring points for recreational divers.

Amount invested

Grant 2018: R$ 100.000,00
Grant 2019: R$ 78.500,00
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