Quantifying the Environmental Impacts of the Paraná-Etendeka Magmatic Province

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Brazil is home to one of Earth’s most remarkable geological features: the Paraná-Etendeka Magmatic Province (PMP), a vast expanse of intracontinental basalt that emerged during the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. While provinces of similar size and composition have been associated with major mass extinction events due to the release of toxic gases, this phenomenon does not seem to have occurred during the formation of the PMP. To unravel this climatic enigma, this project is embarking on an ambitious project to decipher the intricate relationship between the PMP’s magmatism and its environmental impacts. To achieve this, it will be essential to ascertain the composition and volume of gases emitted by the PMP’s volcanoes, as well as the extrusion rates of the magmas that constituted the Province.

Amount invested

R$ 100.000,00
R$ 10.000,00 (maternity grant)
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