Exploring the Past of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean and Anticipating Future Climate Change

Science / Geosciences

Examining the historical climate patterns of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean can provide valuable insights into the impact of human activities on future climate change. Our research aims to comprehend the effects of both natural and anthropogenic climate change on the environmental conditions of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean’s waters, focusing on the Common Era as our chosen time interval.

By analyzing the behavior of this part of the Atlantic Ocean before and after the Industrial Revolution, we can extend the climate record beyond observational data, thereby enhancing our predictive capabilities regarding future climate change and its regional impacts.

We are particularly interested in determining whether there has been a sudden warming and alterations in the carbonate chemistry of the Southwest Atlantic’s waters over the past 200 years. Additionally, we aim to ascertain if the spatio-temporal changes observed in the first 2,000 meters of the Southwest Atlantic water column since the pre-industrial period (1850-1900) align with other global reconstructions.

Amount invested

R$ 98,375.26