Is it possible to continue living on a planet without clean energy and environmental awareness?

Science / Chemistry

Reduction and oxidation reactions necessarily occur simultaneously. To reduce one species, another needs to be oxidized. However, these processes are usually studied in isolation, targeting only one of the reactions at a time. This project aims to study systems in which it is possible to carry out both reactions simultaneously so that fuel can be generated through the reduction reaction and organic contaminants can be treated through the oxidation reaction. In particular, reduction reactions can be applied to generate ethanol, ammonia and green H2, while oxidation reactions can be applied to industrial liquid waste. Therefore, in this simultaneous system, with the same energy used to treat waste, it is possible to generate a chemical compound of commercial interest, minimizing the economic impact of environmental treatments.

Amount invested

Grant Serrapilheira: R$ 333.333,33
Grant Fapesp: R$ 466.666,67

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