Jangada Dinâmica

Science / Mathematics

The Jangada Dinâmica project is designed to foster integration among researchers specializing in dynamical systems and ergodic theory within the region, with an emphasis on promoting increased diversity in these fields. Jangada Dinâmica, a five-year project initiated by Yuri Lima, a mathematician at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), encompasses a range of activities. These include four advanced study summer schools, the recruitment of post-doctoral students based at the UFC who are encouraged to visit other institutions in the Northeast, and the organization of the VI Brazilian School of Dynamic Systems in 2021 in Fortaleza, along with workshops every two years. The UFC aims to serve as a hub connecting a significant number of recent graduates in the Northeast with distinguished international researchers.

The project was conceived by Yuri Lima, a mathematician affiliated with the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).

Amount invested

R$ 1,200,000,00
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  • Advanced studies
  • Collaboration network
  • Dynamic systems
  • mathematics