O mar não está para peixe

Science outreach / Podcast

Coordinated and narrated by journalist Herton Escobar, “O mar não está para peixe” (The sea is not fish-friendly) delves into the quest for answers to one of the most profound existential dilemmas of our era: how to save the ocean from ourselves and preserve the future of the human species on this planet we have come to call Earth but should be called Water.

Predatory fishing, global warming, plastic pollution, ocean mining, and degradation of coastal ecosystems will be among the topics addressed. The threats are numerous, but so are the solutions if we have the necessary awareness to put them into practice before it’s too late.

A documentary series, produced by the Jornal da USP, with sound editing by Guilherme Fiorentini and team, scheduled for release in July 2024.

Amount invested

Grant 2023: R$ 45.000,00