Olá, Ciência!

Science outreach / Digital Media, Youtube

“Olá, Ciência!” (Hello, science!) is a science communication channel that humorously presents serious content about health, science, and technology. The mission is to help people make better decisions based on science. With support from Serrapilheira, the channel produced a series of five mini-documentaries about the importance of public health. Watch here.

In its new production, the channel seeks to answer the question: How can Brazil rebuild using science? Watch here.



Lucas Zanandrez: Biomedical, Master in Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property

Guilherme Ximenes: Systems Engineer with transversal training in Scientific Dissemination

Hipácia Werneck: Biomedical, Master in Cellular Biology

Scientific Advisory and Content Production:

Bruna Toledo: Biomedical, Master in Cellular Biology

Vinícius Marangon: Graduate in Physics

Beatriz Apgaua: Biomedicine Student

Amount invested

Grant 2022: R$ 130.000,00
Grant 2023: R$ 172.187,50
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