Peixe Babel

Science outreach / Digital Media, Youtube

Computer science is unequal for men and women. Over the last 24 years, the number of computing courses has grown by 586% in Brazil, while the percentage of women enrolled in these courses has decreased from 34.8% to 15.5%, according to data from the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (Inep). For this reason, researchers Mila Laranjeira and Vivi Mota founded the Pexei Babel channel on YouTube. The project’s main objective is to show that science can be done by everyone and for everyone. Focusing on the empowerment of underrepresented groups, the promoters talk about data science, artificial intelligence, careers and other topics in computer science. The channel has the Science Vlogs Brasil seal, which attests to the quality of scientific outreach on YouTube.

Amount invested

Grant 2019: R$ 10.000,00
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  • computing
  • Women in Science
  • youtube