Pelo avesso

Science outreach / Podcast

Produced by Jessica Almeida and Vinicius Luiz, Pelo Avesso recounts events that helped shape our country. Without revisionism, based on science and historical research. The official narrative about Brazil is told from the arrival of Pedro Álvares Cabral on the coast of Bahia, but there is much more to discover. It’s these stories that the second season of the podcast will delve into.

Considering that the territory already housed millions of people, divided into distinct peoples, with different ways of life, organization, languages, and other specific traits, the idea is to use scientific tools to trace back what has disappeared, what has taken on different forms, and what remains until today.

In the first season, Pelo Avesso presented the history of eugenics in Brazil, a “science” that endorsed racism and had implications for the country’s social and racial inequality landscape.

Amount invested

Grant 2020: R$ 50.000,00
Grant 2024: R$ 100.000,00
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