Positive Transformation of the Earth: Unveiling, comprehending, and maximizing the synergistic benefits and trade-offs of ecological restoration

Science / Life Sciences

After converting approximately 40% of the Earth’s surface from natural to managed systems, numerous countries have set global targets to reverse this trend. Restoring an ecosystem area larger than Western Europe could address major challenges related to climate change, including biodiversity conservation and water security, among others. However, such restoration also carries risks and costs. Therefore, understanding the spatial distribution patterns of these benefits and costs is crucial to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs.

This research is structured into three stages: i) Synthesizing the best available scientific knowledge on the benefits and costs of ecological restoration. ii) Developing optimization algorithms to illuminate their distribution patterns. iii) Analyzing these patterns to contribute to advancing scientific knowledge and support the practical implementation of large-scale ecological restoration. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the implications and potential of ecological restoration.

Amount invested

R$ 100,000.00
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  • Ecosystems
  • mudanças climáticas
  • surface of the Earth