Rational Design of Enzyme Inhibitors

Science / Life Sciences

The advent of insect-resistant transgenic plants marked a significant advancement in agriculture. However, insects have started to exhibit adaptive resistance to these genetically modified crops, underscoring the need for new molecular tools that can enhance crop resistance. Digestive enzymes found in the intestines of insect larvae, which are crucial for their development, present a potential target for developing novel insecticide molecules. The application of digestive enzyme inhibitors has already demonstrated promising outcomes against certain insects. This project is focused on the rational design of inhibitory peptides for enzymes located in the gut of Anthonomus grandis (cotton boll weevil) larvae. These peptides will be chemically synthesized and tested against recombinant enzymes expressed in insect cells.

Amount invested

R$ 100,000.00
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  • agriculture
  • Insects
  • Peptides
  • Transgenic plants