Sustainable Artificial Intelligence for Predicting Extreme Rainfall and Preventing Major Disasters in Urban Areas

Life Sciences

With climate change accelerating and extreme events becoming more frequent, forecasting heavy rainfall has become crucial to prevent disasters and protect human lives and property. This project proposes an innovative approach to the problem by developing artificial intelligence capable of predicting extremely intense rainfall events in urbanized areas in advance. Integrating multiple sources of meteorological data and physical and social aspects of the region, the model will be developed with a focus on a sustainable approach. Furthermore, the project proposes developing an approach that allows it to be adapted to other regions with different characteristics, enabling a rapid response to climate emergencies. In addition to protecting lives, the project seeks to be ecologically conscious.

Amount invested

Grant Serrapilheira: R$ 150.000,00
Grant Faperj: R$ 693.888,00

Open Calls

Science Call 6