The Universe is Dark

Science / Physics

Atoms, the fundamental building blocks of all matter around us, are composed of elementary particles. However, astounding observations reveal that this ordinary matter constitutes a mere 5% of the universe’s total content. This perplexing enigma has led to the postulation of a novel form of matter, the most abundant in the universe, seemingly composed of yet-to-be-discovered elementary particles. To unravel the nature of this elusive particle, which plays a pivotal role in the evolution of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and the universe itself, dozens of ambitious experiments have been constructed worldwide, each costing around 15 million dollars. Our endeavor aims to propose innovative strategies for detecting these enigmatic particles and to emphasize the crucial role of interdisciplinary collaboration across fields such as geology, astrophysics, cosmology, particle physics, condensed matter physics, and nuclear physics in achieving this groundbreaking discovery.

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R$ 99.700,00
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