Ultracold Dark Matter: The light and fuzzy side of the universe

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We observe billions of galaxies in our universe, but they and the gases between them make up only 15% of all matter. The rest is dark matter, a mysterious substance providing gravitational scaffolding for galaxies and other structures.

One of the leading candidates for explaining dark matter is ultracold dark matter, which comprises extremely light particles. These particles behave like waves on small scales, which could explain some of the mysterious behaviors observed in galaxies and other small-scale structures.

This project aims to understand the behavior of ultracold dark matter from a theoretical, computational, and observational perspective. The ultimate goal is to use data from new telescopes such as the PFS (Prime Focus Spectrograph) and BINGO (Baryon Acoustic Oscillations from Integrated Neutral Gas Observations) to unravel the role of ultracold dark matter in the dark sector and shed light on the nature of dark matter.

Amount invested

2021 Grant: R$ 539,300.00

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