Vinte mil léguas

Science outreach / Podcast

“Vinte mil léguas” (Twenty thousand leagues), run by Megafauna Bookstore, invites us to read scientists as writers. Leda Cartum and Sofia Nestrovski draw bridges between the literary universe and that of science, going back in time to narrate the trajectory of scientists from the past and reveal the relationships between their thinking and current science. After sailing across oceans and delving into forests and mountain ranges in its seasons dedicated to Darwin and Humboldt, the podcast, in its third season, will look at the sky through Galileo Galilei’s telescope. In the foundation of modern science, they will reconstruct the experiments and demonstrations that prove that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

The project’s first stage, selected at Serrapilheira Camp 2018, was signed by Quatro Cinco Um magazine and included multiplatform coverage of scientific outreach books in addition to the podcast’s first season. The magazine’s printed and online editions have a review section of works addressing science and a free fortnightly newsletter.

Amount invested

Grant 2018: R$ 100.000,00
Grant 2021: R$ 100.000,00
Grant 2023: R$ 150.000,00
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