VulnerAmazon: A fresh perspective on the vulnerability and resilience of the Amazon rainforest

Science / Life Sciences

The Amazon rainforest, home to one of the planet’s most extensive assortments of flora, fauna, and microorganisms, provides many services to humanity. These include stabilizing carbon storage, facilitating continental-scale rain transport, and supplying food to local communities. Resilience describes the Amazon rainforest’s capacity to maintain its structure and identity through time and space. In our research project, we aim to investigate how variations in natural and human-induced factors might contribute to potential transformations of the Amazon rainforest. These changes could disrupt ecological processes and compromise the forest’s functionality. How each forest type reacts to these threats could influence the rate at which the Amazon collapses. Our study’s objective is to produce data that will assist future societies in managing the Amazon’s systemic resilience, thereby preserving its structure and identity.

Amount invested

R$ 100,000.00
  • Topics
  • Amazon Rainforest
  • Collapse of the Amazon
  • Resilience