Rafael Raimundo

Life Sciences

Rafael L. G. Raimundo is a biologist with a broad outlook, invested in a scientific journey that mixes ecology, public management and innovation. Raimundo’s research attempts to uncover the secrets of adaptability and resilience in socio-ecological networks at the intersection between transdisciplinary science and governance. Using big data analysis and adaptive network models, the scientist will explore how simple changes in socio-productive arrangements can shape a greener future. Graduated in biological sciences from the State University of Campinas, Raimundo also has a doctorate in ecology from the University of São Paulo, where he also completed a postdoctoral period. Today, he works at the Federal University of Paraíba.

When he is not immersed in ecological data, he cultivates a passion for the Ituano team (from the state of São Paulo) while gradually becoming more and more like someone from Paraíba. Coriander, previously avoided, is now a must-have in your kitchen. The scientist also maintains a refuge: a farm near João Pessoa, a testament to his dedication to restoring ecosystems and where he seeks to learn how to build a more sustainable world.


Plantando uma Escola Viva Potiguara: diálogos interculturais conectando ecologia e revitalização da língua originária
Arte/Educação, Ciências da Vida

O objetivo do projeto é conectar experiências de comunicação e educação intercultural do Selvagem – Ciclo de Estudos sobre a Vida, projetos científicos sobre ecologia, ciências do solo, sustentabilidade e conhecimentos indígenas na Paraíba, e os esforços de reconexão do povo Potiguara com sua língua originária.

Propõe-se a produção de materiais de comunicação científica e educação por meio de oficinas estruturantes de uma Escola Viva Potiguara, inspirada em iniciativas similares de fortalecimento dos saberes indígenas. O projeto contará com a colaboração de bolsistas do Serapilheira na Terra Indígena Potiguara e no Campus IV da UFPB, onde membros do Selvagem promoverão oficinas para produzir um caderno focado na transformação biocultural da Terra Indígena Potiguara, integrando a restauração da biodiversidade e dos ecossistemas com o resgate cultural através da reconexão com a língua originária.

Amount invested

Grant 2023: R$ 30.000,00
Synchronizing ecological and socioeconomic networks to achieve sustainability
Science / Life Sciences

The transdisciplinary science of sustainability has promoted theoretical syntheses between ecology, economics and human sciences. In association with the unprecedented availability of large volumes of information (big data), data science tools and complex systems modelling, these syntheses generate opportunities for innovations in natural resource management. This project combines big data analysis and adaptive network models to investigate the relationship between adaptability and resilience in socio-ecological networks. The objective is to understand how simple changes in socio-productive arrangements can propagate and act as catalysts for sustainability. We thus seek to understand principles of integrated management of ecosystem diversity and connectivity that support structuring sustainable, inclusive and competitive bioeconomies.

Amount invested

Grant Serrapilheira: R$ 799.600,00

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