Ramon Moreira Nunes


Ramon Moreira Nunes is an explorer of numbers mainly dedicated to deciphering the secrets hidden in integers. On his journey, he seeks to unravel the intricate L-functions, tracing the less apparent mathematics paths to reveal the depths of prime numbers. Graduated in mathematics at the Federal University of Ceará, Nunes went to France to obtain his master’s and doctorate degrees from Université Paris-Sud 11. In addition, the scientist has two postdoctoral periods, the first at the Max-Planck Institut fur Mathematik, Germany and a second at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

Originally from Ceará and passionate about Palmeiras, he takes on the role of tutor to the lovely Bita. In moments of relaxation, he leaves mathematics aside and indulges in forró dancing or goes on bicycle adventures. Its eclectic musical palette, which ranges from rock to samba and MPB, is accompanied by the taste of a cold beer. He is the mathematician who makes numbers his melody. Today, he works as a professor at the Federal University of Ceará.


How to estimate L functions?
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Number theory is the part of mathematics that primarily studies integers and their additive and multiplicative properties. L functions play a crucial role in investigating properties of prime numbers, such as their distribution over integers. They have applications in equidistribution problems of arithmetic objects and the theory of elliptic curves. The project seeks to obtain non-trivial estimates of L functions, which involves a better understanding of their analytical properties and behaviour in different contexts.

Amount invested

Grant Serrapilheira: R$ 408.593,95
Grant Funcap: R$ 308.593,95

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