Establishing Standardization and Quality Control for Raw Materials in the Production of Medicinal Cannabis Products

Science / Life Sciences

While Cannabis is considered illegal in Brazil, its pharmacological properties and derivatives have been utilized in treating various ailments, notably refractory epilepsy in pediatric patients. The plant’s prohibition has resulted in a scarcity of scientific data on the specimens grown in Brazil. Additionally, the sanitary regulation of imported Cannabis extracts does not ensure the quality and continuity of treatments. The creation of pharmaceutical products hinges on the characterization of the chemical profiles of these species and varieties, as well as the standardization of raw materials and quality control methods. Consequently, this project seeks to identify and select Cannabis species and varieties cultivated in Brazil, conduct botanical and chemical characterization, and standardize quality control and raw material production methods. These efforts will contribute to the development of pharmaceutical products.

Amount invested

R$ 100,000.00

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