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The Observatório da Branquitude (Whiteness Observatory) survey carried out in May 2022 showed that among the 302 deans of public higher education institutions in Brazil, 294 are white, demonstrating an overrepresentation of the racial group, representing 43% of the population. The central argument of this project is based on the following question: which epistemologies will build science in Brazil tomorrow? Epistemology is, as Grada Kilomba proposes, the science of acquiring knowledge. Therefore, the mini-documentary questions the dangers of white and colonial science, intended as universal and proposes, through the encounter of knowledge, that the production of knowledge necessary for science to be a driver of positive social transformations in Brazil necessarily go through different epistemologies and that this must be reflected from the promotion of science to the scientific bureaucracy in Brazil.

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Amount invested

Grant 2022: R$ 50.000,00
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  • epistemicide
  • Race in science