Fundación Gabo


Programa de formação e estímulo ao jornalismo científico
Science outreach / Journalism

The Programa de formação e estímulo ao jornalismo científico (Science Journalism Training and Encouragement Program) aims to train Ibero-American journalists to evaluate science coverage based on quality, rigour, and ethics. It also seeks to stimulate the production of journalistic work on this topic through scholarships and tutorials.

The program is offered by the Gabo Foundation, founded by writer Gabriel García Márquez to promote better journalism and stimulate creativity, emphasising the method of workshops and workshops. We will soon release more information about registration and the program’s start.


Pablo Correa Torres, professor and program director
Jaime Abello, general director of Fundación Gabo
Miguel Montes, director of journalism workshops
Ivonne Arroyo, content manager
Jaime Beltrán, project coordinator

Recursos investidos

Grant 2021: USD 104.000,00